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The Enemy of Ignorance

Facts, Trivia, & General Knowledge

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“The Enemy of Ignorance” is the third book in “The Smarty Pants Series” – a collection of facts, trivia, and general knowledge.

This volume includes the life events of Keiko before and after starring in the Free Willy movies. It also delves into the racist and unethical medical experiments that were carried out for forty years on men who suffered from syphilis.

•Why do fish float on their sides when they die?
•Have you experienced highway hypnosis?
•What happens when a crew member or passenger dies on a plane?
•The author of Sherlock Holmes was a qualified ophthalmologist.
•A British MP questioned whether the U.K.’s consumption of baked beans had an effect on global warming!
•Why do we sometimes jump just before falling asleep?

•Popcorn kernels that don’t pop are called spinsters!

This book is fun, educational, and enlightening. As knowledge grows it can lead to a deepening sense of wonder and amazement!

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